NSNC Annual Column Contest (Test)

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

NSNC Annual Column Contest (Test)

**THIS IS ONLY A TEST SITE!!! Contest is not underway. Please do not enter now. If you are interested in entering NSNC's contest, mark your calendars for January 2018 and visit www.columnists.com. You can also join out newsletter mailing list and join the organization there in order to stay up-to-date on column information and other important news. **

General Rules (DRAFT):

  • The NSNC annual column contest welcomes writers for newspapers, magazines and other media as well as bloggers, including those who are new to writing and publish column-like posts.

  • An entry consists of three columns/blog posts, published between Jan. 1, 2016, and Dec. 31, 2016.  You may enter as many categories as you wish, but may submit only one entry (consisting of three columns) per category. None of the three columns in an entry may be entered in other categories

  • Deadline for entry is March 31, 2017.

  • Entry fees are $25 per entry for members and $50 per entry for non-members. Join NSNC for $50 now and you can apply the $25 members fee for each entry. Credit cards are accepted online, as well as PayPal. Details on membership are on NSNC’s Join or Renew page.

  • There is no limit on how many columnists from the same publication may enter any category.

  • Pseudonyms — or sole writing credit given to pets, etc. — are not acceptable in any category.

  • While judges’ decisions are final, the NSNC may disqualify winners if rules are found to have been broken. Entries will not be returned. Contest fees will not be refunded for disqualified entries. Winning entries may be republished by the NSNC in any media; credit will be given to the author and original publisher.

  • Scan, convert or export the three columns into PDFs. Each PDF must show proof of publication and date. Word or text documents of columns are NOT acceptable. Print-edition clips mounted on letter paper, scrapbook-style, scanned into PDFs, are acceptable. The PDF of a column can be more than one page.

  • {This all needed? We allowing links, or all pdfs?}The specific Web page address — the URL or permalink — of each column in an entry must be listed on the online entry form and seen in the header or footer of the PDFs. The URL address should remain active through July 30, 2017. Contestants whose sites require fees, registration or the creation of an account should try to arrange for a work-around for judges and NSNC officials to access without payment or registration.

  • Online columns, blog columns and multimedia columns must be original, new material and not originally published in print. Columns that ran both online and print must be entered in the appropriate print category.

  • Authors’ names must appear on each column, in the body or in the header, footer or sidebar.

  • Online columns, blog columns and multimedia columns must have been first uploaded to the Internet between Jan. 1, 2016, and Dec. 31, 2016, as documented by visible time-stamp, copyright notice, publication date, etc.

  • There is no limit as to how many entries a non-individual site can enter from its various columnists, but only one online entry is permitted from each columnist.

  • Entry forms and PDFs must be completed online at {Submission form URL?}. However, if you are unable to submit PDFs and must mail entries, email nsnccontest@gmail.com for instructions. {Maybe make this last sentence where to mail entries to save people a step.}
Prizes: First place $300, Second $200, third $100 in each category, with certificates. Judges may select honorable mentions, for which certificates are awarded.

Winners: Finalists will be notified by email {when?}. Winners will be announced at the awards banquet of the annual NSNC Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 8-11, 2017, in the post-conference edition of the NSNC member newsletter and on the NSNC website, www.columnists.com.

Entry Instructions:
  1. Complete the online entry form at {Submission form URL?}.

  2. Submit 3 PDFs of different columns or blog posts.

  3. Pay entry fee.

  4. Repeat process to enter in additional categories.


  • A. General Interest – Print — Publications Over 50,000 Circulation

  • B. General Interest – Print — Publications Under 50,000 Circulation

  • C. General Interest – Online, Blog and Multimedia Columns — Over 100,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

  • D. General Interest – Online, Blog and Multimedia Columns — Under 100,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

  • E. Humor – Print — Publications Over 50,000 Circulation

  • F. Humor – Print — Publications Under 50,000 Circulation

  • G. Humor – Online, Blog and Multimedia Columns — Over 50,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

  • H. Humor – Online, Blog and Multimedia Columns —Under 50,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

See categories below for individual category descriptions and rules.


Email: nsnccontest@gmail.com